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Cyprus in top 10 favourite destinations of UK holidaymakers

ABTA travel association published its ‘top 23 for 23’ list: the 23 most popular destinations Britons say they plan to visit this year.

Cyprus is ranked number ten on the list, with Spain, the U.S. and France being Britons’ favourite holiday destinations.

Staying closer to home seems to be the preference for most people, the research reveals, as a large proportion of the list is short to mid-haul destinations such as Spain, Turkey and the UAE.

However, destinations including the USA, Mexico, Thailand and Australia continue to have their draw as long-haul favourites.

ABTA’s Top 23 Destinations for 2023 

1.    Spain
2.    USA
3.    France
4.    Italy
5.    Greece
6.    Portugal
7.    Germany
8.    Australia
9.    Turkey
10.   Cyprus
11.   Austria
12.   Thailand
13.   Canada
14.   Netherlands
15.   United Arab Emirates
16.   Ireland
17.   Croatia
18.   Mexico
19.   Switzerland
20.   Norway
21.   Egypt
22.   Iceland
23.   Belgium

ABTA is a trade association for UK travel agents, tour operators and the wider travel industry.

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