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Cyprus in review-most memorable events in 2022

A number of memorable events took place in Cyprus in 2022, some of which have changed the everyday life of citizens or really shocked them.

The war in Ukraine and the economic crisis that followed as well as a brutal crime that surfaced 17 years later along with a scandal that shook the foundations of the island’s central prison are on the top of the list, according to Philenews.

Here is the summary of the year’s most important events:

—A crime that came to the fore 17 years later

It took as many as 17 years and the exhumation of his remains for the death of soldier Thanasis Nikolaou to be ruled as a brutal crime and not a suicide while during his mandatory service. Something that his mother had been arguing since the day of his death. A three centimetre bone, the hyoid, indicated criminal action and this was confirmed after a third investigation on the case.

—The war in Ukraine and its economic consequences

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 has shocked the world with its consequences, mainly economic, devastating and affecting Cyprus as well. Among them was the increase in fuel prices with unleaded 95-octane reaching a high of €1.82 in mid-year. Grain prices also marked a serious increase as exports from Ukraine decreased, mainly affecting pasta and animal feed.

—Zelenskiy’s “controversial” Cyprus address

The televised address of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy before the divided island’s Parliament stirred a strong reaction after – the one hand he did not say a word about the Turkish invasion of Cyprus – and on the other hand calling for solidarity with his country and focusing on the fact that it is a victim of invasion.

The House President was particularly strong in her words  in a response address indicating that Cyprus is also a victim of an invasion by a stronger country. The Ukrainian President, however, did not even listen to her words since the connection controversially cut.

—The Cyprus central prison scandal

Society was shaken by the scandal sparked after Prison’s  Director Anna Aristotelous accused then head of Drug Squad Michalis Katsounotos of colluding with a drug baron serving a life sentence in a bid to embarrass and force her to step down. The attempted violation of her personal data raised questions on the relation between criminals and the police but also surfaced corruption amongst the Force. The role of the Attorney General’s office also came under the microscope, especially after Katsounotos was exempted from criminal prosecution.

Many other crime stories but also “minor” scandals have made the rounds in 2022 which also saw the start of campaigning for February 2023’s presidential elections.

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