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Cyprus in deep red; all indicators are high

According to the National Surveillance Report on COVID-19 for the last 14 days, the epidemiological picture of Limassol appears particularly burdened since 59.5% of all confirmed cases appear in this district.  Specifically out of a total of 4,703 confirmed cases during the period 3-16 May, the 2,797 are residents of the District of Limassol.

Regarding Limassol, the percentage of positivity is near 1.3%, while the cumulative effect for the 14 days in the District of Limassol increased to 1126.5/100,000, five times more than in the other districts (Famagusta: 229/100,000, Larnaca: 234.2/100,000, Nicosia: 324.5/100,000, and Paphos: 254.7/100,000.

Besides, the cumulative effort for the whole Cyprus is 529.6/100,000, which according to ECDC is borderline for deep red.

It is reminded that on 26 February it was 168.7/100,000, on 5 March 263.5/100,000 and last week 397.3/100,000.

Regarding the situation in hospitals, it seems that the bigger number of daily admissions is from the District of Limassol, while there is also increase in the admissions from the District of Nicosia. As far as admissions per age group are concerned, it seems that most people are younger than 60.

In total by 16 March, there were 39,484 COVID-19 confirmed cases, with 241 deaths due to COVID-19 (mortality 19:0,6%).

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