NewsLocalCyprus-Greece agree on coordinated action to counter Turkey's provocations

Cyprus-Greece agree on coordinated action to counter Turkey’s provocations

Greek Premier Kyriakos Mitsotakis late on Tuesday briefed Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades on the state of play in Greece`s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone following Turkey`s provocations.

The two leaders have agreed on coordinated action and on further steps to be taken to deal with Turkey`s provocations, government spokesperson Kyriakos Koushos said in a written statement.

Mitsotakis also informed Anastasides, by phone, on the situation and the contacts he had with EU officials and head of states and governments following Turkey`s actions which violate the international law and Law of the sea.

Greco-Turkish tension is rising after Turkey’s announcement on Monday that it will be conducting energy exploration in an area of the Eastern Mediterranean that overlaps Greece’s  continental shelf.

Greek military was on alert, while the Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “Greece will not accept any blackmail. It will defend its sovereignty and sovereign rights…We call on Turkey to immediately end its illegal actions that undermine peace and security in the region.”

Turkey issued a Navtex on Monday announcing its research vessel Oruc Reis and two auxiliary vessels would be conducting seismic exploration in an area between Greece and Cyprus until August 23.

Turkey still maintains troops in the northern part of EU-member Cyprus after a military invasion in the summer of 1974.

Last week, Turkey also announced it would be conducting a two-day firing exercise in the eastern Mediterranean which began on Monday in a nearby area, southwest of the Turkish coast between Turkey and the Greek island of Rhodes.


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