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Cyprus Forum returns on September 29 aiming to set the tone for an open and just society

Cyprus Forum, the largest independent policy-making conference in Cyprus, is coming back for its third year on 29-30 September at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre.

The general theme of the third Cyprus Forum is ‘Inclusivity’.

It will feature notable speakers, including renowned American intellectual and political activist Noam Chomsky (remotely), European Commissioner Dubravka Šuica, MEPs Niyazi Kızılyürek and Stelios Kympouropoulos, the first Cypriot analogue astronaut Eleni Charitonos, Professor of Social and Natural Sciences Nicholas Christakis (Yale University), Professor of Organisational Behaviour Daniel Effron (London Business School), chef, restaurateur and author Asma Khan, Professor of Computer Science Eleni Mangina (University College Dublin), Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Slovak Republic to the United Nations Dr Michal Mlynár, and Adria Zafirakou, recipient of the 2018 Global Teacher Prize.

The Forum’s panel discussions will cover various issues such as diversity, smart cities, electric mobility, euthanasia, artificial intelligence, participatory education and the circular economy, among others.

“At this year’s Forum, we want to set the tone for inclusivity and diversity. We want to contribute so that the Cypriot society becomes more open and socially just,” Dr Nicolas Kyriakides, Executive President and founding member of the Cyprus Forum, said.

The organisers state that one of the main objectives of this year’s event includes the further involvement and participation of Turkish Cypriots, with discussions on practical issues that concern both communities.

Furthermore, one of the innovations of this year’s conference is the allocation of all discussions to renowned organisations and research centres. This ensures that the discussions are conducted scientifically, encouraging relevant organisations to continue pushing towards implementing the suggestions after the discussions.

Among these organisations is the Office of the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General for Cyprus, the European Commission’ Representation, the European Parliament’s Office, the University of Nicosia, CMMI, CIM, CYENS, PRIO, the Hellenic Observatory at LSE, ELIAMEP and the World Bank.

The Cyprus Forum is organised by the non-profit NGO Oxygono, in collaboration with the Delphi Economic Forum. You can book tickets, view the draft agenda and side events, and find more information on this year’s conference website:

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