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Cyprus farmers to protest proposals limiting use of fertilisers, pesticides

Farmers in Cyprus are angry over proposed changes in the National Action Plan aiming towards limiting the use of fertilisers and pesticides so that the island is harmonized with European regulations.

In fact, they are planning to protest against such plans by driving their tractors outside the Presidential Palace and the Home of the European Union in Nicosia on June 19.

This is what Philenews reports, adding that their argument is that such a policy will spell the end of many farms. And, by extension, this will lead to the accumulation of fuel on the ground and consequently to more possible fires.

The proposed changes are because heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides have led to levels of nitrogen oxides in the soil and water – higher than European Union regulations allow.

Specifically, the proposed ban concerns the following sensitive areas:

—Those used by the public such as parks, gardens, paths, recreational and sports areas

—Those used by vulnerable groups such as hospitals, nursing homes and schools

—Human settlements and urban areas covered by a layer of water

—Non-productive areas under the Common Agricultural Policy

—Ecologically sensitive areas such as those under water protection, Natura 2000 network and nationally protected areas

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