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Electricity Authority unions slam Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority over photovoltaics

For the first time since the establishment of the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority in 2003 the Electricity Authority of Cyprus’ unions on Thursday went ahead with a head-on attack against it.

They accuse the regulatory body of favoring interests of the private sector through preliminary decisions taken on the Mediterranean island’s policy on photovoltaics.

The unions are basically outraged over CERA’s decision providing that no further licenses for the construction of photovoltaic parks should be granted to the EAC.

And they referred specifically to the letter sent to CERA by the Auditor General asking for explanations over the reluctance-refusal of the regulatory body to allow EAC to include cheap photovoltaics in its production activity. They argued that this is for the benefit of consumers.

Indicative of the harsh language used by the three unions is their accusation that the two preliminary decisions “clearly demonstrate the strategy of CERA not to allow the EAC to compete on equal terms.

“And their intention to load EAC with unbearable weights with the ultimate goal being its collapse.”

Cyprus recorded the third highest increase in domestic electricity bills, according to data released by Eurostat, the EU´s statistical office.

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