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Cyprus authorities sealed spy software production, exporting

Spy software produced in Cyprus and exported from the Mediterranean island has the seal of authorities, Philenews reported on Wednesday.

And this is an undisputed fact based on a number of documents Philenews had access to, it added.

Indicative is the content of a document that was completed for the issuance of a license by the Ministry of Commerce so that a tracking devise from a company of foreign interests operating in Cyprus could be exported.

The technology description refers to similar capabilities to those of the surveillance van which was confiscated and in the hands of the island’s authorities from November 2019 till February 2022.

The “dual use” product that was exported is described as “interception equipment”. The translation of the term refers to “monitoring equipment”.

The document also refers to a product that achieves the “extraction of data via frequencies from a mobile phone user” (IMEI, IMSI, TMSI). There is also a reference to a “dual use” product.



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