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Cyprus again on red category of ECDC’s epidemiological map

With a total of 122,852 new coronavirus infections within a week Cyprus has again been put on the red category of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’s epidemiological map.

ECDC publishes weekly updates on the number of coronavirus cases and deaths reported in the EU and worldwide every Thursday.  The overall number of deaths in Cyprus on Thursday was 566.

Cyprus had been on the ECDC epidemiological map’s orange category for two consecutive weeks.

At the same time, the epidemiological situation has improved in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, where several areas are now in the green or safe zone. And the rest of the regions in these countries being in the orange zone.

Most areas in Sweden, Poland and Czechia, as well as the entirety of Denmark, are in the orange zone. The situation is also mixed in Norway, Poland and Czechia, where some areas are in the red zone.

Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Hungary are in the red category, either in their entirety or with the majority of their regions.


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