NewsLocalCyprus acts as focal point of Frontex operation for first time ever

Cyprus acts as focal point of Frontex operation for first time ever

Twenty third-country nationals illegally residing in Cyprus on Tuesday evening left the Mediterranean island within the framework of a coordinated joint forced return operation organised by Frontex.

A total of nine European countries participated in the operation, with Cyprus acting as the focal point for the first time ever.

Also participating in the operation are Greece, Romania, Italy, the Czech Republic, France, Malta, Spain and Sweden.

In October, a team of forced return escort and support officers had been deployed by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, Frontex, at the Larnaca Branch of the Aliens and Immigration Unit in Cyprus.

Frontex has emphasized that this team consists of four officers from ground forces, who are tasked with providing support with assisted voluntary returns.

At the same time, they perform the duties of ground support and escort, reports.

According to Frontex, before the team was deployed, they were trained by the Cypriot authorities to ensure efficient cooperation and integration with local officers.

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