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Cyprus: 24th among EU-28 for renewable energy use in transport

Cyprus is ranked 24th out of the 28 EU member states for renewable energy use in transport, according to a Eurostat study based on 2017 data.

In 2017, the share of energy from renewable sources used for transport in Cyprus stood at 2.6 %, compared with the EU average of 7.6 %.

The share of renewable energy use in transport in Cyprus actually decreased from 2016, when it stood at 2.7 %.


The EU average rose from 3.1 % in 2007 to 7.6 % in 2017.

Although the share has been increasing steadily in recent years across the EU, only two Member States were above the 2020 target share of 10 % in 2017: Sweden (38.6 %) and Finland (18.8 %).

These two countries also had the highest increases in shares between 2016 and 2017 among the EU Member States: + 9.8 percentage points for Finland and + 4.8 percentage points for Sweden.

While Austria (9.7 %) and France (9.1 %) were relatively close to achieving the 10 % target, most countries had shares between 5 % and 8 %. The three Member States with the lowest shares of energy from renewable sources in transport were Estonia (0.4 %), Croatia (1.2 %) and Greece (1.8 %).

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The share of energy from renewable sources is calculated in a harmonised manner across the EU Member States using the SHARES tool. More information about the SHARES tool, and the source data for this news item (SUMMARY RESULTS SHARES 2017) can be found here.

In the transport sector, renewable energy sources typically include liquid biofuels, hydrogen, and biomethane. More generally, renewable energy sources also cover wind power, solar power (thermal, photovoltaic and concentrated), hydro power, tidal power, geothermal energy, ambient heat captured by heat pumps, and the renewable part of waste. You can find more statistics on renewable energy in the latest Statistics Explained article available here.

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