NewsLocalCypriots prefer their personal doctor to be aged between 46-65

Cypriots prefer their personal doctor to be aged between 46-65

Cypriots prefer the personal doctor of their choice through whom they are referred to specialists within the general health plan (Gesy) to be aged between 46-65, official data shows.

At the same time, out of the 2891 personal and specialist doctors in the system 92 are over 76 years old, 56 are 25-30 of age and 154 are between 31 and 35.

In total, out of the 2891 doctors providing Gesy services 718 are personal doctors and the remaining are specialists, the Health Insurance Organisation data also shows.

Specifically, around 54% of the 940,294 beneficiaries of the plan have chosen to enroll in personal doctors’ lists who are around 46-65 years old.  The percentages are very low among younger and older doctors.

As for doctors aged 76 and over (36 in total), only 4 per cent of Gesy beneficiaries are registered with them. In detail:

Doctors over 76 years of age have a total of 38,423 beneficiaries registered. On average, each doctor has around 1000 beneficiaries.

As far as specialist doctors are concerned: Out of a total of 2,173 doctors, 56 are 25-30 years old (3%), 129 doctors belong to the age group 31-35 years old (6%) and 292 doctors are 36-40 years old (13%).

Moreover, 378 doctors are 41-45 years old (17%), 324 doctors are 46-50 years old (15%), 219 doctors are in the age group of 51-55 years (10%), and 221 are 56-60 years (10%).

In addition, 221 are in the age group of 61-65 years (10%) and 157 doctors are 66-70 years (7%), 120 doctors are 71-75 years (6%) and finally 56 doctors are 76 years and above (3%).

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