NewsLocalCypriot delegation in Greece continues its work in Parnitha (PHOTOS)

Cypriot delegation in Greece continues its work in Parnitha (PHOTOS)

The struggle against the ongoing fire in Greece continues, with the Cypriot delegation giving its own fight against it. According to Olivia Michaelidou, spokesperson of the Civil Defense, the Cypriot delegation in Greece will operate today as well in the area Flambouri in Parnitha, where it was yesterday as well.

It is a difficult area without easy access where the members of the Cypriot delegation are patrolling in order to guard it.

According to Olivia Michailidou, even the person who was injured from the Cypriot delegation has now undertaken a role in the local coordination center, after he has been treated and rested.

Together with members of the Greek Fire Department, the Cypriots are outlining the burned area and are facing any rekindling of fires.

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