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Cypriot buyers go for medium-sized car engines, latest data shows

Most Cypriot buyers go for medium-sized car engines but there is a substantial percentage that do buy those with large ones, according to latest figures by the island’s Statistical Service.

Philenews also reported on Monday that 2022 data shows that of the total new vehicle registrations in 2022, 8,465 have an engine of 1,400 -1,599 cc.

And another 8,245 cars have an engine of 1,000-1,399 cc while 1,273 cars have a 1,600 -1,799 cc engine.

In the largest car engine category, that is from 1,800 to 1,999 cc, the total number of registered ones was 4,848.

And the number of those of 2,000 -2,499 cc engine capacity this was 2,341. Moreover, from 2,500 – 3,999 cc it was 1,501 and over 4,000 cc car registrations reached 834.

Last year, the main suppliers of motor vehicles to Cyprus were Japan (38.6%), Germany (13.3%), France (9.2%), the United Kingdom (5.4%) and South Korea (4.9%).

Historical models loved by the motoring public of Cyprus in the past have stopped being produced, given that the automotive industry is constantly changing.

Specifically, every new month all manufacturers are opting to hybrid and electric models into production.

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