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CYPRA Company issues announcement about veterinary fees

CYPRA Company, which has been recently in the limelight due to the large number of confirmed COVID-19 cases found among its workers, issued an announcement regarding veterinary fees.

The company also referred to an effort to undermine its operation and shame its credibility.

Moreover, it mentioned that it has been the biggest biogas combustion unit for electricity productions and that it has a firm development course, contributing to the sector of livestock farming in Cyprus and supplying the market with top-quality products.

The company claims that during the 15 years of its operation it has been fully consistent with its dues to the state and everything has been paid off.

Due to the economic crisis, CYPRA as well as other slaughterhouses were in difficulty to pay off veterinary fees and in 2014, the Veterinary Services accepted the company’s request to pay the amount due in installments. The company was paying the amount agreed dutifully.

However, in 2016 the monthly installment was unilaterally increased and the company replied that it could not pay the new amount due to various problems.

According to the company this is the truth, wondering why some people insist on defaming CYPRA.


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