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Customs seized 49 kg of tobacco, €50,000 in currency in December

Vehicles, tobacco and gasoline were among the items seized by Customs in the month of December, according to the department’s announcement released today.

They said that between December 1 and 31, Customs officials had handled 113 cases which resulted in the following items being seized:

  1. 92,956 cigarettes.
  2. 48 kg and 586 grams of loose tobacco
  3. 232 pieces that violate intellectual property rights (clothing, footwear, bags, wallets, sunglasses, perfumes etc)
  4. €40,000, $11,000, 19,400 Yemeni Rial, and 1,460 Egyptian pounds  in cash
  5. Personal luxury items (clothes, shoes, watch etc) their owners failed to declare upon arrival in the Republic
  6. 8 vehicles
  7. Various items, the import of which in Cyprus is prohibited such as plants, drugs, pesticides, dairy products, meat, snails, electronic devices, electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette accessories etc

Most of the cases were settled with the payment of money, the total of which is €47,279.

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