NewsLocalCustoms Department clarifies involvement in export of spyware

Customs Department clarifies involvement in export of spyware

In an announcement yesterday, the Customs Department clarified its involvement in the process of exporting dual-use items from Cyprus.

This was done after a report in Phileleftheros daily recorded the process of exporting surveillance software from the Republic of Cyprus, including the checks carried out by the Customs Department.

On Friday, the Department clarified that it “allows the export of dual-use items only in case they have an export permit issued by the Energy, Commerce, and Industry Ministry,” adding that “it conducts the necessary checks to make sure the export license aligns with the data declared.”

The Customs Department also clarified its role regarding the EU Directives about dual-use items. It noted that it does not have the authority to issue export licenses for items included in the EU Dual-Use List of Regulation (EU) 2021/821, adding that this falls under the jurisdiction of the Energy Ministry.

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