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CSEO President satisfied with outcome of online Global Moon Village Workshop

George Danos, President of the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO) said he was particularly satisfied with the successful outcome of the online annual Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium hosted and coordinated from Nicosia, Cyprus. The symposium took place from 6-8 December.

Our goals were met and we witnessed the most significant nations in space exploration discuss humanity’s next great steps as they are planning to erect bases and settlements on the moon. The present and future of lunar space missions were discussed, he told CNA.

The most significant thing for Cyprus, he added, is that we have brought together all great nations on space issues and presented to the global public Nicosia and Cyprus and everything that our island does for collaborations.

Danos explained that for the exploration of the Moon, global cooperation and a framework of sustainable principles are absolutely essential to co-exist with all the positive results for planet Earth.

Cooperation that begins up there can help manage the great problems we face here on Earth. We have seen this in the past with cooperation in the International Space Station and we need it for the present and future of this planet which is in danger due to human activities. Space exploration brings results for sustainable living on earth, he added.

Danos said that during last year’s World Congress, the establishment of the Global Team of Experts on Sustainable Lunar Activity (GEGSLA)” was announced from Cyprus.

According to MVA, a number of issues must be addressed to ensure sustainable lunar exploration and settlement in and around the Moon, including, for example, mitigating the creation of debris in lunar orbit, defining standards to enable interoperability, and regulating access to natural resources.

In 2019, the Moon Village Association created an international platform to address these critical issues with the goal of de-risking future lunar missions and increasing global cooperation for lunar exploration and settlement.

As Danos said, “the governments of all the largest countries of the planet participate in it, along with Cyprus. After regular meetings there has been progress in the workgroup whose final results and written guidelines will be presented at the end of 2022 at the UN meeting,” he added.

Danos said the First Online Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium organised by MVA in cooperation with the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation, presented various matters for the growth of the Moon Village community and lunar activities, discussing on-going and planned Moon programmes, and brought together stakeholders and lunar community.

The goal, he said, was to promote innovation and include emerging youth talent in the research activities of moon exploration.

The CSEO, he added,  continues its work to elevate Cyprus to a pioneering pillar of cooperation between the global space and lunar ecosystem.

The Cyprus News Agency was the conference’s communication sponsor.

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