NewsLocalImminent crucial decisions on Cyprus' tourism outlook by UK, other countries

Imminent crucial decisions on Cyprus’ tourism outlook by UK, other countries

Predicting Cyprus’ state of play of tourism this year largely depends on coronavirus-related decisions to be taken within hours by countries which are its crucial markets such as the United Kingdom.

This is what Philenews reported on Tuesday, adding that, for the time being, Cyprus is on the “orange” categorisation list of the UK – and this means that travelling over here is basically prevented.

But on Thursday, or the latest on Monday, London will announce new travel guidelines and Nicosia hopes to get on the green list. Especially since the holiday island’s epidemiological picture is more than encouraging over the recent past days.

Only one European destination is now on the “green” category of Britain ad that’s Portugal.

Several other popular destinations for the British such as France, Greece, Spain, Malta and Cyprus, are waiting anxiously to be upgraded.

Deputy Minister for Tourism Savas Perdios has already flown to London for lobbying and Moscow will be his next destination.

All his contacts aim to send the message the epidemiological condition of Cyprus has improved enough for it to get on the green list of destinations. Only 50 new coronavirus cases were recorded on Monday out of thousands of tests.

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