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Crowds flock to migration department

It’s busy at the Civil Registry and Migration Department  with crowds flocking there early hoping for a head start.

After receiving calls from a number of citizens, Phileleftheros visited the the department, currently located at the old Nicosia General Hospital. It said that a number of people were there by 7.30 am, even though the info board clearly states that service to the public starts at 8 am.

The paper also reports on a survey carried out by the Department two years ago which found that:

-The average waiting time is approximately 10 minutes.

– The average attendance time at service points is approximately 30 minutes (rarely exceeding 40 minutes).

The Department considers that many people visit its offices in order to be served within 10 or 12 hours. At the Department premises there is space for the public to wait, but not enough for all. For instance, women with babies were observed standing as they waited for the employee to call their number. However, it is recognized that the employees’ behaviour, particularly in these cases, is generally good.

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