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Covid, Ukraine war force state to need additional budget of two billion euros

The state got an additional budget of €2.05 billion between March 2020 and June 2022 to meet unprecedented needs sparked by the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian war in Ukraine.

Specifically, due to the prevailing situation in the last 41 months the Parliament had to approve a total of 10 supplementary budgets amounting to €2.05 billion.

And all that despite the fact that the state, based on the Fiscal Responsibility Law which is better known as the Umbrella Law, has the right to submit only two supplementary budgets each year. And, only after June 15 of each year.

However, due to the existing state of emergency the European Commission decided to relax the budgetary rules, thus, allowing member states to approve additional appropriations to cover the needs arising from both the pandemic and the Ukrainian crisis.

The additional budget also covered the payroll of new positions that had been created as well as other expenses needed by the ministries to maintain their schedule.

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