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Covid still here, warns health ministry ahead of long holiday weekend


People should still maintain individual protection measures against covid-19, the health ministry said, noting that new variations of the virus such as BA.4 and BA.5 are causing infection waves in various European countries.

It issued a reminder in light of the Holy Spirit holiday as well as the start of the tourist season, calling on everyone to maintain distances and wear masks where necessary in crowded indoor as well as outdoor areas, such advice mostly directed at vulnerable groups of the population, as well as those in contact with high infection risk individuals.

The aforementioned covid variations have been confirmed on the island, but this has not actually made any impact on the positivity rate, which remains stable at 2.74-3.5% over the past two weeks, according to the latest data.
The health ministry notes however that the epidemiological situation still remains volatile and people should exercise caution.
It is reminded that masks are mandatory for people working in public and private hospitals and all other health care institutions and retirement homes, as well as visitors aged 12 and over.
Masks are also mandatory in public transport.
Everyone is required to have a safe pass if visiting retirement homes, hospitals, doctor’s offices, rehabilitation centres and other medically related indoor areas.
For people with no valid vaccination certificate or having gone through covid, a 48 rapid test or a 72 hour PCR is needed.
Covid-19 issues contact no: 22421600 (08:00-20:00)

E-mail: [email protected]

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