NewsLocalCovid pandemic drastically affects 40% of Cypriots' mental health-poll

Covid pandemic drastically affects 40% of Cypriots’ mental health-poll

The Covid-19 pandemic is posing a drastic effect on individuals’ mental health and Cypriots are no exception, according to a poll which shows that 40% have been affected – up to a degree.

The poll also shows that the mental health of young people has been affected worse than that of older ones.

Carried out by the fledgling Frederick University Department of Psychology and Social Sciences’ Mental Resilience Research Unit the island-wide poll was released on Tuesday.

It specifically focused on finding answers regarding the extent to which the Covid-19 lockdown measures and social isolation impacted negatively people’s quality of life and mental health.

As expected, people who lost their jobs and income experience more severe psychosomatic symptoms of anxiety and feel that their quality of life has deteriorated to a great extent.

In addition, working mothers – especially those over the age of 38-40 with children in school who have been forced to stay at home – face increasing responsibilities along with stress.

Because they now have to juggle with teleworking, helping children with distance learning, maintaining balance at home and supporting young and old family members.


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