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Covid: changes in measures, protocols under consideration

The lifting of the SafePass measure when entering places such as supermarkets, bakeries, kiosks and pharmacies in Cyprus will probably be approved by the Cabinet on Thursday, Philenews reports.

Even though some health experts advising the government on Covid-19 seem to remain hesitant on taking such a bold new step, it added.

At the same time, Minister of Health Michael Hadjipantelas and members of the Advisory Scientific Committee will exchange views on Wednesday on the further relaxation or “adjustment” of coronavirus measures.

However, the extension of the “Test to stay” policy in certain areas, including schools, remains on the proposals’ table along with new changes in regard to the mandatory self-isolation of cases and the policy on contacts.

New decisions approved by the Cabinet are expected to be in effect till the end of March.

Finally, the process of updating health protocols already in effect in various areas and activities is under consideration. These protocols concern the mode of operation of gyms, theaters, cinemas, etc.

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