NewsLocalCovid-19 new infections mainly hit elderly people, SOS sent out

Covid-19 new infections mainly hit elderly people, SOS sent out

Health authorities in Cyprus are sending out an SOS for elderly people – vaccinated or not – since they record a rise in coronavirus infections that need hospitalisation for the fourth week running.

The average age of hospitalized patients recorded a further increase this week and reached 59 years, compared to July 25 which was 56.7 and 53.5 on July 5, Philenews reported on Friday.

This increase results from the rise in the number of elderly people admitted for treatment, since while on July 5 their number was only 12, this rose to 52 by the  25th of the month and reached 69 by August 3. Their age is from 71 years and above.

Health experts warn that a repeat vaccine dose, at least in certain groups of citizens, is extremely likely.

The Health Ministry, however, has to wait for the submission of the relevant data by pharmaceutical companies before the recommendation can be given by the competent European Union authorities.


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