NewsLocalCovid-19 deaths among UK Cypriots surges above 150

Covid-19 deaths among UK Cypriots surges above 150

The number of UK Cypriots who have died from Covid-19 has exceeded 150, according to figures compiled by the British Cypriot newspaper Parikiaki.

It said 95 Greek Cypriots, 55 Turkish Cypriots and a Maronite, all British Cypriots living in London, have died from coronavirus.

Two Greek Cypriots have died in Birmingham, two in Derby and one in Lowestoft.

Another 300 are understood to have contracted the virus and a number have been hospitalised, CNA reports.

“The situation is very sad,” Michael Yiakoumi of Parikiaki told CNA.

He said the newspaper’s research has shown that the Cypriot community appears to be far more vulnerable to coronavirus than other ethnic communities in the UK.

“I think it has to do with the fact that Cypriots here live with their families. The other ethnic communities who have similar behaviour and live in the same neighbourhoods as Cypriots, even those from Greece, do not have that many elderly people,” he said.

Most Greek students and professionals are young and live alone and therefore there is no risk of them transmitting the virus to elderly and vulnerable relatives, he said.

The heavy toll on the Cypriot community is also attributed to their  concentration in London boroughs such as Barnet and Enfield which have a high number of cases.

Uk Cypriots account for 2% of Covid-19 deaths, only 0.7% of UK population

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