NewsLocalCovid-19 cases at Larnaca supermarket, Nicosia restaurant

Covid-19 cases at Larnaca supermarket, Nicosia restaurant

Positive coronavirus cases have been found at a Larnaca supermarket and a Nicosia restaurant, the Health Ministry said on Saturday.

Under a recent decree the names of businesses and departments in the public/wider public sector/ independent services and local authorities with positive coronavirus cases are made public in the interest of public health.

In its announcement, the ministry said a Covid-19 case has been found at the butcher’s at Sklavenitis supermarket in Larnaca.

Management was informed, the individual and close contacts have been moved from work and the space was disinfected. Permission was given to reopen the business, the ministry added.

The second case concerns AVO restaurant in Nicosia where the individual and contacts have been moved. Instructions were given to disinsfect the area. The business remains closed, the ministry said.




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