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Covid-19: A round-up of the latest developments in Cyprus

Only two more people tested positive as per the Health Ministry’s daily announcement yesterday, as health experts meet with the government this morning at the presidential palace to solidify phase two of the relaxation of measures.

Meanwhile, the health ministry’s televised Thursday report on Covid-19 revealed that 31% of cases in Cyprus did not have symptoms.

The government rolled out a mass testing scheme for staff at hair and beauty salons and restaurants as these businesses gear up to reopen on May 21 as part of phase two of the gradual lockout exit plan.

However, 90% of catering establishments in the government-controlled Famagusta area said that they will probably not open on May 21 as they anticipate no clientele.

Protests by Turkish-Cypriot workers were staged yesterday and today who have been locked out of work due to the closing of checkpoints to curb the spread of the virus.

Processing of applications for special benefits continues at the Labour Ministry whose latest announcement revealed issues with cheques returned to the Ministry.

Meanwhile, the financial impact from Coronavirus has led to the suspension of the Transport Ministry’s scheme to boost electric cars, which may be revisited at a later stage in light of the revised budget for 2020.

And in daily police updates, an employee in Paphos not wearing a mask was among the 77 booked overnight by Cyprus police for not adhering to rules while SBA police were boosted with new staff as coronavirus measures oversight continues.

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