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Covid-19: A round-up of the latest developments in Cyprus

One person has died and four more tested positive to Covid-19 on Cyprus’ second day of gradual easing of lockdown measures as the country continues a stable course remaining in single figures of new cases.

On the basis of Cyprus’ stable epidemiological course, the Education Ministry announced on Wednesday that schools, nurseries and private teaching institutes will reopen on May 21 and 20000 tests will be made available for pupils and teachers going back.

According to the ECDC’s latest update, Cyprus has the 3rd fewest Covid-19 cases and the 5th fewest deaths in Europe.

In another update, the Ministry of Health’s Epidemiological Surveillance Unit released a new set of data that shows that 331 patients recovered from Covid-19 in Cyprus.

Yesterday, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said that there is no magic formula to ensure a successful transition along the different stages of the exit strategy as all countries are moving in uncharted waters.

Checks by the Labour Inspection Department continue at retail businesses and construction sites that have reopened since Monday, with inspectors closing five building sites yesterday for non-compliance to the measures.

More than 450,000 SMS requests for movement were sent on the first day of the lockdown easing.

In flight updates, the Health Minister said that there will be charter flights for university students who need to get to Greece for lab work.

As thousands of citizens are set to be repatriated in May, others are stuck in countries outside Europe.

Meanwhile, police checks for compliance continue with 50 people booked overnight, including a barber and his customer, and a court fined 13 people a total of €6400 for violating the lockdown decree.

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