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Covid-19: A round-up of the latest developments in Cyprus

Cyprus takes its first steps for the gradual return to normality as officials issue calls for self-discipline as the lockdown eases.

Here are your essential lockdown exit updates:

  • Wash hands – Keep distance – Wear masks.
  • A reminder of the four stages of the exit roadmap as announced by the Health Minister at a press conference last week.
  • The 8998 SMS service has been adapted for the easing of measures.
  •  A list of people who are considered at higher risk of becoming seriously ill from coronavirus and should therefore be cautious in the framework of returning to work today.
  • 13 guidelines for the operation of small shops.
  • Supermarkets and bakeries reopen on Sundays.
  • Pet grooming businesses also open.
  • 20,000 tests have been made available for employees in retail and construction going back to work.
  • Clarifications by the Health Ministry on the use of face masks.
  • Movement outside one’s own district is only allowed for caring for the vulnerable and for swimming.
  • Scheduled surgeries and admissions at hospitals resume with reduced capacity.
  • The public sector will offer services until 6 pm as of today.
  • Instructions for taxis and buses by the Transport Ministry.

Eight new Coronavirus cases were announced yesterday, raising the total to 872.

The Labour Ministry’s support schemes for employees and businesses have been officially extended to May 12 and a special scheme for the unemployed was announced who have used up their benefit allowance and can now apply for a special allowance of €360 for a period of one month.

Meanwhile, the Ministry said it will start sending out cheques for its schemes to those whose bank accounts it has not been able to verify and all those who had not submitted a bank account.

3000 citizens and legal residents will be repatriated in May, according to the Transport Minister.

Queues form outside government offices as lockdown easing begins.

The Archbishop issues a circular on church attendance under the lifting of measures.

And the police turn their attention to 25,000 retail shops and construction sites reopening today as they book 74 people for breaking the lockdown decree overnight.

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