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Coronavirus: Supermarkets well stocked, operating smoothly

Supermarkets are well stocked and operations are back to normal after a rush on Thursday morning amid rumours, quickly denied by the government, that they may close.

Andreas Hadjiadamou, chairman of the Association of Cyprus Supermarkets said that the situation had normalised from yesterday afternoon after assurances from the government that there were no plans to close them.

He told the Cyprus News Agency that rumours on Thursday morning has sparked a rush, but the situation was back to normal after the clarifications given by the government.

On Friday morning, they are working at a regular rate and business is at normal levels, as was the case on Monday through to Wednesday.

He again assured that there are adequate stocks, shelves are being refilled and the resupply chain was operating without any problems. Moreover, cargo flights with imports are continuing as normal, he said.

As regards the price ceiling, he said this has been imposed on specific brands of antiseptics sold mostly at supermarkets and  no ceiling was imposed for most antiseptics sold at supermarkets.

Supermarkets were adhering to the rules requiring distancing of clients (one person per eight square metres)  and where necessary, entry is being regulated. Supermarket spaces and trolleys are being regularly disinfected and antiseptics are available at all counters.

Each supermarket has its own additional measures to protect staff and clients. He also urged customers to take their own precautions, keep a distance from others, be prudent in their purchases and come prepared so as not to spend too long at the shop. They do not need to come with masks and gloves, he added.

Some supermarkets were implementing special hours for the elderly and vulnerable to facilitate their shopping and there were also home deliveries.

Meanwhile, in a separate announcement,  the Athienitis Mall at the Nicosia Mall has clarified that it is operating as normal in line with the government decree.

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