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Coronavirus: SBA leadership meets trade union heads

Commander British Forces Cyprus, Major General Rob Thomson and members of his team, including the Senior Medical Officer, met with yesterday the heads of all trade unions to brief them on the current situation in the SBAs and
address any questions or concerns their members have during this challenging period, the British Bases said on Thursday.

During the meeting, it was agreed that they could take place weekly if necessary and would serve as an open forum to exchange information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and its effect on staff.

Deputy Command Secretariat, Phil Mallion, from the SBA Administration, said he was satisfied with the “open and productive” meeting.

He explained: “This was a good opportunity for CBF and his team to hear from the trade unions and provide them with the most up to date information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

“It is crucial that our locally employed workforce are aware that we want to protect our community and BFC is making sure it puts the right measures in place so that individually and collectively, we help protect ourselves from this virus.”

As part of the continued BFC and SBAA engagement strategy with its workforce, Maj Gen Rob Thomson also met with some of the Bases key stakeholders in Dhekelia yesterday to address any issues of concern within Eastern SBA community.

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