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Coronavirus: Pharmaceutical Association observes delays in delivery of medicine

The Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association said on Monday that pharmacies are experiencing delays in the delivery of medicine from warehouses, the CNA reports.

President of the Association Eleni Piera said this is making pharmacies’ work difficult, albeit no significant drug shortages have been recorded among patients.

“The supply chain is adhered to but there are delays in the delivery of drugs from warehouses. They used to deliver our orders on the same day but now due to staff shortages it takes them 48 hours,” Piera said and stressed on the need for better programming.

“We try to place our orders in time and improve the way we manage our stock to respond to demand and minimise disruptions,” she said.

Meanwhile she said there are still shortages in face masks and she hopes the issue can be resolved the soonest possible.

She also said that customers at pharmacies comply to regulations thereby contributing to the smooth running of operations.

“The respect each other and are disciplined. They follow the 2 metre distance rule, and wait outside on the pavement to give priority to the vulnerable. People are complying and we thank them for it,” she said.

On the Ministry’s decree on special hours for the vulnerable, she said that some exceptions are inevitable.

“The vulnerable usually send others to pick up their drugs for them. If no vulnerable people are in the store and a father walks in during those hours who has a child with fever will I not provide him service?” she said, emphasising that priority is given to those in need.

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