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Coronavirus: No flights to Cyprus from March 21 for 14 days

Cyprus is prohibiting passenger flights from a large number of countries, including the UK and Greece  from 3 am on March 21 for 14 days as part of measures to contain the spread of coronavirus.

However, it slightly easing entry restrictions to allow some categories of stranded Cypriots to return home.

The decision was announced by Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou after protracted meetings focusing on measures to contain the spread of coronavirus and amid protests by Cypriots unable to return home because of the requirement that they secure a test result that they do not have coronavirus.

They say it is impossible to secure such a test.

Ioannou said that this decree requiring the test remains in force until 3 am on March 21. But he said that an exception will be made to people who had travelled abroad for a few days or for medical or professional reasons. They can be accompanied back with the people who went with them on the outward trip.

More specifically the exception applies to:

People who travelled abroad for medical reasons

Are abroad for a short stay for professional reasons or official reasons

Are allowed entry based on the Vienna Convention

All those who fall into these categories, rather than presenting a medical certificate must have a confirmation from the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Cyprus, which will be issued provided they present the documentation to prove the reasons cited in categories 2 a and 2 b (eg departure ticket from Cyprus or medical confirmation from Cyprus or from the medical centre where they were treated).

He added everyone returning will be subject to 14 day of compulsory quarantine. It was later clarified that individuals who had travelled abroad for medical reasons must remain at home to continue their medical treatment.

Ioannou said that if necessary, Cyprus will charter flights from Athens and London to bring eligible people home.

Moreover, flights will be allowed in empty to pick up people who want to leave.

The new restrictions apply from 3 am, March 21 for 14 days,.Flights except cargo to Larnaca and Paphos Airports are prohibited from:

Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Egypt, , Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel,  Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, the UK and Greece.

Cargo flights will be allowed.

For the announcement from the ministry click here  (In Greek. We will post the English language announcement as soon as it is available)



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