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Coronavirus: Ministry publishes list of accredited centres for health certificate

Following the announcement of new measures, the Health Ministry has issued a list of accredited organisations abroad from which it can accept the health certificate required to enter the Republic of Cyprus.

Under the new rules, in force from 6 pm on Monday, March 16, only those with a health certificate that they have tested negative for coronavirus will be allowed entry. They will also be required to quarantine for 14 days once here.

The ministry said this list will be updated:

Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Sciensano, Brussels, Belgium

National Center of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Sophia, Bulgaria

University Hospital for Infectious Diseases Dr. Fran Mihaljevic, Zagreb, Croatia

Ostrava Institute of Public Health, Ostrava, Czechia,

National Institute for Public Health, Prague, Czechia

Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark

Health Board Laboratory of Communicable Diseases, Tallinn, Estonia

University of Helsinki and HUSLAB, Helsinki, Finland

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Helsinki, Finland

Aix Marseille University, Marseilles, France

Institute Pasteur, Paris, France

Institut für Virologie, Marburg,  Germany

Institute of Virology, Charite – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany

Microbiology Department, Aristotelion University, Thessaloniki, Greece

Hellenic Pasteur Institute, Athens, Greece

Nemzeti Népegészségügyi Központ, Budapest, Hungary

Landspitali- National University Hospital, Reykjavik, Iceland

National Virus Reference Laboratory-U.C.D., Dublin, Ireland

Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome Italy

Padova University Hospital, Padova, Ιταλία,

National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani IRCCS, Rome Italy

Amedeo di Savoia Hospital, Turin Italy

Policlinico Militare “Celio” Roma, Rome, Italy

National Microbiology Reference Laboratory- Riga East University, Riga, Latvia

National Public Health Surveillance Laboratory, Vilnius, Lithuania

Laboratoire National de Santé, Dudelange, Luxembourg

Mater Dei Hospital, Malta

Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway

Cantacuzino National Military-Medical Institute for Research and Development, Bucharest, Romania

Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Pulawy, Poland

National Institute of Public Health-National Institute of Hygiene, Warsaw, Poland

National Institute of Health, Lisbon, Portugal

Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava, Slovakia

University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food, Ljubljana,Slovenia

Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid, Spain

Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain

Public Health Agency of Sweden, Solna, Sweden

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Bilthoven, Netherlands

Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Public Health England, London, UK

West of Scotland Specialist Virology Centre, Glasgow, UK

Public Health Wales, Cardiff, UK

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