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Coronavirus is still around, health experts warn as new cases surge in Cyprus

As the number of coronavirus cases surged alarmingly in Cyprus in recent days health experts warned on Friday that the virus is still around. And that young ones should get vaccinated while caution should prevail by all.

At the same time, Constantinos Tsioutis who is a member of the scientific committee advising the government on Covid-19 told Philenews that the latest outbreak was inevitable and far from surprising.

“It was not a surprise to us considering the fatigue,  complacency and relaxation of people that came after months of restrictions and sacrifices,” he said. “But we all need to comprehend that we still have a pandemic, that we have not combatted the virus,” he added.

He also dismissed rising blame of one district whose epidemiological picture is better on another saying it is not the fault of a specific city or people.

Increased contact and the false impression in recent weeks that we have achieved the goal to a great extent of the populations’ vaccination coverage is a big problem.

Hand in hand with a failed communication strategy when it comes to citizens, especially young ones, who are reluctant to be vaccinated.


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