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Coronavirus: Help from Jewish community in Cyprus for elderly and needy

The Jewish community of Cyprus has imported a large amount of food, medical masks and antibacterial hand gel, to support the elderly and needy in Cyprus.

“During these trying times, we know that we can rely on the kindness of people, who volunteer in the effort to bring these much needed resources to people in need,” it said.

The assistance is being distributed in cooperation with the “Friendship Circle”, an organisation that helps children with special needs, who, since the Coronavirus, have extended their activities to meet the crisis head on.

“Together, a huge group of volunteers from Friendship Circle and volunteers from the Jewish Community of Cyprus, are distributing these necessities with care, according to the regulations, with no contact, with gloves and masks and keeping three meters away from others,” they added.

JCC chairman Shahak Avni wishes to thank the volunteers, supporters and donors that made this happen, after they were approached by Chief Rabbi of Cyprus, Rabbi Arie Zeev Raskin, who made efforts to bring these goods for the people of Cyprus.

Rabbi Raskin said: “We are very, very proud to see that these days our volunteers and community are ready with open hands, to help in any way they can. We stand together, the Cypriot and Jewish community, that have been friends for many years.

“We remember after WW2, the British internment camps in Cyprus, where righteous Cypriots helped save Jewish lives, by offering kindness, food and help. This is the way our world should operate. The world should be built on kindness, and these days we should open our hearts and be there for one another, and the most important of all, to not forget after this has passed. This is what the almighty wants from us.”

Should you wish to volunteer, or you or someone you know might need help, please, do not hesitate to contact the Friendship Circle: +357 97835501 or +357 24242770, the JCC said.

Photo from the Facebook page of the Jewish Community Cyprus

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