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Coronavirus: Foreign Ministry issues updated travel advice

The Foreign Ministry late on Tuesday issued updated travel advice informing Cypriot citizens who are abroad or are planning to travel abroad that due to the continued transmission of the coronavirus in various countries, they should avoid traveling to countries and regions that have experienced a large number of cases and generally limit their travel to the necessary.

Countries / regions with a high spread of COVID – 19  include the Republic of China (especially Hubei Province) and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, South Korea, Iran, Japan, the Italy and Singapore.

It noted that Italy has introduced restrictions to movement throughout the country which is permitted only for specific reasons (medical, professional, purchase of food). Those who do wish to travel within the country must demonstrate the reason with a statement that is issued by police. Public transportation, airports and ports are operating normally,

Moreover Israel has announced a temporary ban to the entry of foreign nationals to the country effective from Thursday, March 12 ( 8 pm local) except those who can prove they have the right to permanent residence (diplomats, students, workers).

Those given permission to enter will be isolated at home for 14 days, with state monitoring. Hotels and hostels are not considered permanent homes. From Thursday, foreign nationals who do not have the right to permanent residence such as tourists and pilgrims will not be allowed entry.

The measures will be reviewed 14 days after their implementation. Affected individuals are urged to follow the instructions of the Israeli authorities and Health Ministry for any possible changes.

As regards passengers arriving in the Republic or who have come from or travelled to the three categories of countries listed below in the past 14 days, the Health Ministry has decided they be screened and checked on arrival. If they exhibit symptoms that point to the virus, the necessary medical exams will be carried out.

The Health Ministry has categorised the countries of origin as follows:

Category 1

Compulsory quarantine at home where possible or premises of the Health Ministry for 14 days after departure from

– Hubei province in China

– Italy

– Iran

– South Korea

Category 2:

Self-isolation at their home or premises of the Health Ministry for 14 days, under telephone monitoring. Avoid close contacts and movements, adhere to basic rules of hygiene, monitoring and contact 1420 in the event of any symptoms for 14 days after departure from

– Rest of China (excluding district of Hubei)

– Japan

– Hong Kong

– Germany

– France

– Spain

–Greece (only prefectures of Achaia, Ilia and Zakynthos)

Category 3:

Self-monitoring and in the case of symptoms contact 1420. Keep basic rules of hygiene, restrict movements to the absolute essential for 14 days after departure from

–– Greece (excluding prefectures of Achaia, Ilia and Zakynthos)

–  United Kingdom

— Switzerland

– Netherlands

– Sweden

– Belgium

– Singapore

All passengers from the first two categories will be taken by immigration to the airports’ health office while at the ports they will remain in their cabins.

The instructions do not apply to passengers who have carried out transit flights, unless they stayed at the location.

Updates are available on

Citizens of the Republic of Cyprus temporarily or residing in, or intending to move to, the above countries / regions are urged to be particularly careful, to follow the local and international media on COVID-19 and the relevant instructions of the authorities of each country.

Cypriot citizens who are or intend to travel abroad for any reason are encouraged to visit the website to sign up for the voluntary registration system for Cypriot citizens.

In case of emergency Cypriot citizens can telephone the following numbers:

Diplomatic missions of the Republic of Cyprus abroad:

Cypriot citizens can contact diplomatic missions for consular support. The contact details of these diplomatic missions abroad are accessible on the website of the foreign ministry at:

Foreign Ministry duty officer:
+35 7 99660129 (only outside office hours*)

Foreign Ministry crisis management unit
+35 7 22801000 (24/7)

Foreign Ministry consular department:
+35 7 22651113 (07:30/08:30 – 15:00/16:00, Monday-Friday).

* The telephone number of the duty officer is available outside office hours and is intended for emergencies. For questions which are not urgent please contact the relevant unit of the ministry during office hours through the switchboard on +357 22-651000.

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