NewsLocalCoronavirus: Epidemiological state in Fall largely depends on August's safety levels

Coronavirus: Epidemiological state in Fall largely depends on August’s safety levels

Coronavirus heath experts warn that the Mediterranean island’s epidemiological state of play in the Fall largely depends on the safety levels maintained during the holiday month of August.

As for the widespread concept that infections strengthen the immunity level of the country the head of the government’s advisory team on Covid-19 said “this is nonsense”.

Constantinos Tsioutis also told Philenews on Wednesday that “we have to take seriously into consideration the long-term consequences of the coronavirus as well.”

He added: “Our third summer with Covid-19 may seem easier and more manageable but we must not forget important issues we have learned…the immunity we have built and continue to build ensures an open society but we must not overlook that a significant part of society continues to be affected”.

He also said that people are out of work due to illness, family transmission is high and so is the risk of transmission – especially in closed and crowded spaces.

At the same time, a large percentage of the population is by definition susceptible with an increased risk of severe symptoms.

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