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Coronavirus: Documents for employees, citizens under lockdown rules

The Finance Ministry has published the documents that employees and members of the general public must complete if they are to leave the house.

Under a new decree that comes into force at 6 pm on Tuesday and until April 13, all unnecessary movement is prohibited.

According to the official transcript in English from the Press and Information office, the only exceptions to the prohibition are:

  • Transfer to and from the workplace.
  • Transfer for the purposes of supplies of basic necessities from businesses or shops whose operation is allowed and given that shipping is not possible.
  • Visit to doctor or transit to a pharmacy.
  • Visit to a bank if electronic transactions are not possible.
  • Transit with the purpose to aid fellow citizens who cannot look after themselves or to groups of people who must be protected, or who are in self-isolation and/or in premises of compulsory isolation (quarantine).
  • First and second degree relatives going to ceremonies, such as funerals, weddings and christenings, not exceeding ten people.
  • Transit for physical exercise or for the needs of a pet, provided they are not more than two people and they remain limited in areas adjacent to their residence.

Under all circumstances, all persons moving about must carry identification and additional proof as to the purpose of their movement.

Document A is  for employees and must be filled by the employer. It also applies for the self-employed.

Document B is for members of the public.

Alternatively they can send a text message to 8998. In this case, the public must submit the number of their ID or passport, their postal code and select the category which covers the reason they wish to leave the house (scroll down for detailed instructions). They must wait for a response before leaving the house and they must carry on them the completed form or the reply to the SMS and their ID when they leave the house.

At a press conference Interior Minister Nicos Nouris and deputy minister for research and innovation Kyriakos Kokkinos  said these were unprecedented times. There may be discrepancies and gaps in the procedures which will be smoothed out as the government machinery adapts to the new state of affairs, they said as they asked for the public’s cooperation and understanding.

Main points from press conference

  1. Document A must be signed by the employer or by the self-employed person once only
  2. Document B or the SMS option must be secured every time.
  3. Permission to leave the house must be requested sparingly. It will be given and is valid for three hours. It can be requested for more than one time a day. But if there is abuse, then the government will restrict this further.
  4. For the first day or so authorities will show understanding until people familiarise themselves with the new rules

How to obtain permission with a text message

  1. Text  8998
  2. State the reason by selecting one of the eight categories below (only write the number that corresponds to the reason, ex. if the reason is ‘Visit doctor/pharmacy’ you only write ‘1’)
  3. Space
  4. ID number
  5. Space
  6. Postal Code
  7. Send

Reply will be received in  10 to 15 seconds.

The eight categories

  1. Visit doctor/pharmacy
  2. Go to a shop for basics
  3. Go to bank (provided cannot be done online)
  4. Go to a government or other public service office for absolutely essential reasons
  5. Help someone who is not a position to look after themselves
  6. Exercise or walk the dog in vicinity of house and not more than two people
  7. Go to a christening, funeral or wedding provided not more than 10 people
  8. Other reasons which may be justified under the decrees (this the ministers said were the exception to the exception)

(Please note that as soon as documents are available in English we will upload them to the site)


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