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Coronavirus: Cypriots complying with decree, police say

Businesses and the public are in the great majority complying with the decrees aimed at containing the spread of coronavirus, police checks indicate.

Of the 700 checks carried out yesterday, no one was found to be in contravention of the decrees — which set out which businesses should close and how many people can be within a specific space at any given time — and no one was booked.

On Tuesday, police had booked seven businesses for flouting the rules.

Police spokesman Stelios Stylianou said that police’s  aim was not to book businesses but to safeguard public health. Checks would continue, he said.

He urged the public and professionals who have a role to play in dealing with the critical situation to continue to comply with the law and the decrees which aim to protect theirs and the health of the public.

Police checks cover a ban on gatherings of more than 75 people indoors at a given time, the temporary closure of some shops, catering establishments and other businesses and restrictions imposed on the operation of those that remain open.

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