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Coronavirus: Concern at two primary schools in Nicosia

There is increased concern at two primary schools in Nicosia because of parents had come into contact with the family environment of one of the confirmed cases of coronavirus, philenews reports.

It said that in the first case only 40 pupils showed up at school today as the mother of one of the pupils has links with the environment of the doctor who has tested positive for coronavirus.

In the second instance, philenews said that there is also a link with a confirmed case.

The head teachers of both schools have notified the teachers’ union Poed which has briefed the Education Ministry and is awaiting instructions.

Poed general secretary Haris Charalambous said that the two cases concern children whose parents, in their professional capacity, have been in contact with the doctor.

He appealed to parents whose children have flu like symptoms to keep them at home. Teachers should also stay home, he added.

A third, private school in Nicosia has cancelled a planned Erasmus meeting with representatives from other five EU countries that was due to be held on March 12.

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