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Coronavirus: British Foreign Office advice for UK visitors in Cyprus

Britain’s Foreign Office has recommended to British nationals who wish to leave Cyprus to contact their travel operator to make arrangements to do so as soon as possible.

The updated travel advisory is in line with various controls and restrictions imposed by the Cypriot authorities to contain to coronavirus epidemic.

British nationals in Cyprus should follow the advice of the Cypriot authorities, which includes vacating their tourist accommodation by March 21, it said.

“The Republic of Cyprus government has instructed all hotel and tourist accommodation to cease operations by 21 March, and to remain closed until 30 April. The government has stated that all tourists will need to leave their accommodation by 21 March. Some hotels may close before 21 March. The British government is discussing this requirement with the Cypriot government and asking airlines to offer more flights. We recommend that British nationals who wish to leave Cyprus contact their travel operator to make arrangements to do so as soon as possible,” it said.

From March 15, UK nationals (and other non-Cypriots) are not be permitted to enter the Republic of Cyprus for tourism. UK nationals may enter if they are legal residents in the Republic of Cyprus, working in the Republic, attending educational institutions in the Republic or, with prior authorisation, have unavoidable professional obligations.

With effect from March 16, the Republic of Cyprus requires that all UK travellers to Cyprus have a medical certificate issued in the past four days to show they have tested negative for COVID-19. UK health institutions do not issue negative COVID-19 medical certificates. Without a certificate passengers will be refused entry. Even with the certificate, passengers will have to enter 14 days quarantine in state facilities. These restrictions are in force until April 30, the travel advisory adds.

The administration in the north of Cyprus has introduced a ban on entry for all foreign nationals from 71 countries, including the UK. This includes those holding residency, work, or student permits. Returning ‘citizens’ of north Cyprus will need to undergo self-isolation for 14 days. Anyone found violating these measures will be arrested by the police and taken to a monitoring centre. This ruling will remain in force until April 1, when it will be reviewed, the Foreign Office said

Following policy changes announced by the Republic of Cyprus Government and the administration in the north, British Nationals will be unable to cross at any of the crossing points in either direction regardless of their residency status until further notice.

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