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Coronavirus: All schools within SBAs closing until April 20

British Forces Cyprus and the Sovereign Base Areas Administration have announced that as of  3 pm today (March 18), all six schools located within the Bases have now closed until April 20 (after the Easter holiday).

Bases schools will now transition to learning from home by utilising the technology we have available, actively supported by our teachers. A reading list will also be made available to children to encourage them to limit time spent in front of the television.

“To overcome the issues surrounding dual working families with operationally critical jobs, we have liaised with our Early Years Settings managers and have identified, qualified and experienced child practitioners who may be able to assist those in most need to ensure the safety and safeguarding of our families,” they said.

Regular updates to all locally employed staff across the Bases are also being conducted to ensure they are updated on all the latest working practices, including non-essential work, working from home and remote working.

Yesyterday the Bases has said they were ‘in step’ with measures taken by the Republic of Cyprus to contain the spread of coronavirus.

An SBAA spokesperson said: “We are working closely with the Republic of Cyprus to combat the Coronavirus outbreak and to protect our community. The safety of our people is our top priority.  We have aligned with the measures introduced by the Republic including on social distancing and prohibiting public gatherings, the closure of shops, gyms, cinemas and restaurants; cancelling all non-operational activity and exercises, visits and sporting events.”

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