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Convicts angered by Erotokritou’s early release

Convicts in Nicosia Central Prison are complaining that former deputy attorney general Rikkos Erotokritou — granted parole earlier this month benefited from  preferential treatment, Phileleftheros reported on Monday.
It said that their own applications for parole were not examined,  even though they were submitted at the same time and even though they had less time left on their sentence.
The disgraced former deputy attorney general was released on parole on August 3, having served 17 months of his sentence. He had been convicted of corruption and abuse of power in March 2017 and jailed for 42 months.
Erotokritou was the first to be released on parole under the new law which allows applications for early release to convicts who have not yet served half their sentence.
The new law was voted unanimously on May 25, 2018. According to Phileleftheros, Erotokritou had informed convicts of the new law, telling  them that it would come into force on May 25.
Citing sources, the paper said that 10 convicts applied for parole on the same day as Erotokritou, among them convicts who had less time to serve, but their applications were not examined.
AKEL and DIKO hae already said that they will launch a parliamentary probe whether Erotokritou received preferential treatment from the Parole Board.

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