NewsLocalLarnaca school principal accused of physically assaulting student

Larnaca school principal accused of physically assaulting student

The parents of a 12-year-old student filed a complaint with the Larnaca Police Station against the principal of the child’s high school, claiming he physically assaulted their child.

In the past, the principal had caused several complaints for the unjustified expulsions of students due to their haircuts, their appearance, as well as for racist behaviour.

The incident occurred last Wednesday when the student was called to the principal’s office to be expelled because he placed a pencil in a door’s lock, Philenews reported citing information.

According to police, the principal and the student engaged in an argument. The complainant said that the principal pushed him and pressed his elbow into his neck.

The student has been examined at the Larnaca Hospital and a videotaped deposition is expected to be taken as is the case in complaints where minors are involved.

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