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Controversial Israeli-owned ‘spy black van’ confiscated by Cyprus customs “a thing of the past”

Customs authorities in Cyprus have confiscated the controversial Israeli-owned ‘spy black van’ that was in the eye of a political storm in 2019-2020 for alleged illegal surveillance of private communications.

And that it is “a thing of the past” with all confiscated discs and computer systems thoroughly investigated, insiders told Philenews.

Wednesday’s report also has an insiders sayig that all computer systems allowing surveillance activity under certain circumstances had also been confiscated.

And that nothing indicating surveillance of private communications had been traced with only ‘naked’ discs returned to owners of the spyware system.

The whole issue has been re-surfaced following the ongoing spyware affair in Greece with opposition parties in Cyprus also demanding a long-due thorough investigation into the ‘phone taps’ case.

Opposition politicians argue there is a Cyprus connection to the affair in Greece where the phone of opposition Pasok leader Nikos Androulakis was apparently bugged.

Afterall, the company using the Predator spyware has its headquarters on the island, they have pointed out.

The opposition also questions why the case was dropped by the Attorney General’s Office without Israeli spy and operator of the spyware system Tal Dilian never stood trial.

The government has accused the opposition of trying to score benefits from the ‘fake scandal’ in Greece.

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