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Constitutional changes imminent in Αkel

Akel’s leadership is ready to proceed with radical changes in the party’s structures and how it operates, Phileleftheros reported on Wednesday.

The changes are expected in the Fall of 2023 when the party’s statutory conference will take place.

Akel’s members will be asked to decide on an upgrade to the role of the party’s Nees Dynameis branch, as well as on changes on how the party’s leadership communicates with Akel’s base.

As party Secretary General Stefanos Stefanou said during a news conference on Tuesday, the statutory conference will provide ample time for discussing the changes with members and friends of the party.

He added that the aim is to close all outstanding matters before the elections for local government and for the European Parliament.

He explained that committees will be established to undertake changes to the party’s statute and its rules of operation as well as with improving internal mechanisms.

The issue of changing Akel’s statute was first put forward during the party’s July 2021 conference. The changes discussed refer to the organisational reconstruction of Akel, as well as how the party relates with social groups, movements and personalities with which Akel shares common values and overlapping political agendas.

Stefanou concluded that after a century of life, Akel is asked to redefine its role in society according to the demands of the times, based on its ideology and long political and social experience.

He noted that the party’s main target is to maintain its leading role in the wider area of the left and to create the conditions that will allow Akel to cooperate will all progressives.

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