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Concern over Turkish plans in occupied Deryneia

Great concern has been caused by the new plans of the occupying authorities, this time in occupied Deryneia. With the blessing of the Erdogan regime, T/C leader Ersin Tatar has announced the construction of houses to provide housing for young couples in an area owned by Greek Cypriots, just one kilometer from the Deryneia checkpoint.

“They are proposing to house young couples, both Turkish Cypriots and settlers, in order to serve their supporters in the next elections,” Deryneia Mayor Andros Karagiannis told Phileleftheros, noting that there is specific information about the Turkish plans, as well as announcements in the Turkish Cypriot media.

“The works will be done on the left side of the road and not where the houses of Greek Cypriots were built before 1974. Large houses have already started to be built in the agricultural area, which was a fertile area full of orange trees and grain. Now, they have created an area they want to develop as a residential area.”

The Deryneia Municipal Council has already informed the Foreign Ministry about the plans of the occupation authorities, and, as a local authority, will also make representations through the United Nations.

The occupation authorities turned to the occupied Deryneia area after the significant residential development from Salamis to Trikomo sent property prices soaring.

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