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Concern over coastal erosion at Voroklini and Pervolia

Voicing concern over increased coastal erosion at Voroklini and Pervolia, the Larnaca Tourism Board and the two community councils have asked the state to move quickly with the construction of additional wave breakers.

In a written announcement,  the district’s tourism board said that the serious coastal erosion problem both east and west of Larnaca was becoming rapidly worse. Voroklini has lost 23 metres of beach over the years, and with the recent heavy rains another two metres have been lost, the board said. Citing the Pervolia community council, it said that the level of erosion where there are no wave breakers is worrying.

“Beyond the obvious problems created for nearby hotels, houses and property, the erosion is destroying beaches, which is the primary factor that attracts visitors to Cyprus. This extremely important issue has been repeatedly raised by the Larnaca Tourism Board with the Transport Ministry without any substantial result,” the announcement said.

The board and the community councils of Voroklini and Pervolia urged the state to move swiftly with the construction of additional wave breakers in the specific areas, in line with a relevant study by Athens Polytechnic. Based on that study another  seven wave breakers must be built off Voroklini and three should be rebuilt, while nine more wave breakers should be built off Pervolia.

“Coastal protection is the duty of the state and the government must take immediate measures to implement this important project,” it added.

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